Lazer Sword Self Titled LP/CD


The debut album from Lazer Sword consisting of Lando Kal and Low Limit.  With guest appearances by Antipop Consortium’s M. Sayyid, Freestyle Fellowship MC Myka 9, bizarro funk crooner Zackey Force Funk and Bay area hyphy don Turf Talk.  Packaged for Double LP and CD format in a futuristic landscape gatefold by Swedish designer, Kilian Eng.


1. Tar  2. Agrokrag  3. Surf News  4. I’m Gone feat. Turf Talk 5. Batman  6. Topflites feat M Sayyid  7. 4Loko
8. Machine feat. Zacky Force Funk  9. Web Swag  10. Skybox  11.  Def Work  12. Fubu  13. Owl Tats
14. Cosmic Ride feat. Myka Nyne  15. Beast’s Reprise