Mexicans with Guns review in Groovemine

Reviewed by Mat Lindenberg at Groovemine:

“If the opening seconds of ‘Dame Lo’ hold any clues to the future of mysterious one-man project, Mexicans with Guns, then I’m pretty stoked to see what follows on this EP.

Over a rattling re-sampled latin guitar, spliced vocals, and maracas, “Dame Lo” builds and builds and teases for more then a minute before it finally drops that same low-end, car shaking bass that’s more or less ubiquitous in any music today that involves even the hint of a laptop or synthesizer.

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Spaceland Show

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Hanni El Khatib at Spaceland 5/9/10

Hanni El Khatib & Nicky Fleming-Yaryan played a show at Spaceland in LA this past Saturday.  Was a good crowd, good moods and wild times.  We snapped a couple pictures which you can view here.  Video shots from the performance are coming soon so stay tuned.

Get Ready For Freddie

Freddie Gibbs is on a streak right now.  The Gary, Indiana native is getting his shine on on MTV:

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And most recently has done a 12″ with Innovative Leisure.  The single, titled “Playa” has remixes from Trackademicsand Mexicans with Guns and is due out in late July.

DONE!!! LAZER SWORD S/T out in September

On 5/1/10, Bryant sent us an early morning text that said “Just so you know we didn’t forget about the album.  We are not sleeping until we send it over, mad hyped.”  With the delivery date one day expired, the dudes were grinding it out.  And we are extremely happy they flew it to perfection.  It sounds amazing and is sequenced impeccably.  Look out for it in late August/early September.

Mexicans With Guns 12″ “Me Gusto”

Ernest Gonzales is from Texas.  San Antonio, Texas.  A barren land where the Mexicans and Texans duked it out on a stretch of days in late February/early March 1836 to gain control of southeast Texas.  Better known as the Battle of The Alamo, this event has become the cornerstone of Texian folklore and a pre-cursor to what you’re about to listen to in the coming year.

Vodka Brought Us Here

A dirty, blue 7 inch packaged up in bubblegum pink nitro label.

Aside: Shot In The Nite

Bside: Koopa Boss Mode

Bangers & Mash.  TITE!