Mexicans With Guns in LA June 11

We got word that San Antonio resident, Ernest Gonzales is going to be in the City of Angels this weekend and performing a set on Friday June, 11th at Senor Fish in downtown LA.  Mexicans With Guns “Me Gusto” single is out in stores now and being played on BBC Radio One.

And our homie, Jeff Weiss, just released an interview at LA Times blog.  Read here:

“Like Ernest Worthing, the protagonist of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” Ernest Gonzales leads a double life. Most of the time, he goes by his given name, the identity of the introspective and sensitive soul behind last year’s “Been Meaning to Tell You.” Released on local label Friends of Friends, it was ideal after-the-high music, the soundtrack to the desolation and disorientation of sleeplessness and depleted serotonin.

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Announcing IL1006 “Let It” by Machinedrum feat. Melo X

Machinedrum aka Neon Black aka Travis Stewart aka Syndrone aka Sepalcure is the man of many faces, but we here at IL know him as Machinedrum the talented guru.

Since hearing the multi-faceted Want to 1 2 (release in 2009 on Normrex), we’ve been intrigued and kept on MD for more output.  “Let It” was part of the bonus track edition with vocals by Melo X.  IL is releasing the track as a single with remixes from Lazer Sword, Edit, Lorn, Machinedrum and Siriusmo.

Hanni El Khatib live at the Kibitz

Huf had a launch party on Fairfax in Los Angeles, CA.  A bunch of kids got drunk and crashed a local watering hole across the street from the store.  Enclosed is what happened that one fateful, May night.

Dazed Digital Article

Found an old article that our friend, Terrence Teh wrote last year.

Excerpt: Makes sense that the rebels of the West Coast hip hop and club scene sign to LA’s Innovative Leisure, an imprint inspired by hardcore labels Dischord and SST, founded by Nate Nelson, a dude who has been working with Peanut Butter Wolf at Stones Throw for the past four years. “There’s a real sense of personality to all those labels,” says Nate, supping coffee next to Stone Throw’s HQ in Highland Park. “They all have real character and so many stories. With Stones Throw there’s PB Wolf, Dilla, Egon, Madlib. It makes for a good experience. Music is both the audio and the experience. I admire that and it’s something I want to do with Innovative Leisure.” Continue reading Dazed Digital Article

Mexicans with Guns review in Groovemine

Reviewed by Mat Lindenberg at Groovemine:

“If the opening seconds of ‘Dame Lo’ hold any clues to the future of mysterious one-man project, Mexicans with Guns, then I’m pretty stoked to see what follows on this EP.

Over a rattling re-sampled latin guitar, spliced vocals, and maracas, “Dame Lo” builds and builds and teases for more then a minute before it finally drops that same low-end, car shaking bass that’s more or less ubiquitous in any music today that involves even the hint of a laptop or synthesizer.

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Spaceland Show

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Hanni El Khatib at Spaceland 5/9/10

Hanni El Khatib & Nicky Fleming-Yaryan played a show at Spaceland in LA this past Saturday.  Was a good crowd, good moods and wild times.  We snapped a couple pictures which you can view here.  Video shots from the performance are coming soon so stay tuned.