Mexicans with Guns review in Groovemine

Reviewed by Mat Lindenberg at Groovemine:

“If the opening seconds of ‘Dame Lo’ hold any clues to the future of mysterious one-man project, Mexicans with Guns, then I’m pretty stoked to see what follows on this EP.

Over a rattling re-sampled latin guitar, spliced vocals, and maracas, “Dame Lo” builds and builds and teases for more then a minute before it finally drops that same low-end, car shaking bass that’s more or less ubiquitous in any music today that involves even the hint of a laptop or synthesizer.

It’s a pure crowd-pleaser, but it’s the perfect lead in to the sort of bass-tinged ranch ghetto-tech of Mexicans With Guns, one half sharp club sensibilities, one half aggressive Latin influenced experimentation.

Also included is the no less interesting “Los Perritos,” which lives up to its name by heavily sampling barking dogs, and three versions of early single Me Gusto. The one featuring Marquitos Garcia, who founded retro-funk collective Chico Mann, is easily the best, but the Ghost in Tapes remix is no slouch, stretching a three minute fiesta-ready barnstormer into a mostly unrecognizable epic that nicely compliments the other, more grounded, tracks.”

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