Mexicans With Guns in LA June 11

We got word that San Antonio resident, Ernest Gonzales is going to be in the City of Angels this weekend and performing a set on Friday June, 11th at Senor Fish in downtown LA.  Mexicans With Guns “Me Gusto” single is out in stores now and being played on BBC Radio One.

And our homie, Jeff Weiss, just released an interview at LA Times blog.  Read here:

“Like Ernest Worthing, the protagonist of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” Ernest Gonzales leads a double life. Most of the time, he goes by his given name, the identity of the introspective and sensitive soul behind last year’s “Been Meaning to Tell You.” Released on local label Friends of Friends, it was ideal after-the-high music, the soundtrack to the desolation and disorientation of sleeplessness and depleted serotonin.

With cuts like “Purple Heart,” “We Can Live in a Forest,” and “Dancing in the Snow,” it circled the intersection of the Postal Service and Daedelus, with beats that hummed with the low-lidded glow of 4 a.m. streetlights and a songwriting craft often absent in electronic music.

Then there is Mexican with Guns, a luchador-mask-sporting alter ego who makes adamantine beats that sound like dubstep remixes of Baltimore club tracks made by a man who may or may not have assassinated Herb Alpert in a fit of rage. Listening to his “Me Gusto” 12-inch released by Stones Throw subsidiary Innovative Leisure, one would assume that Mexicans with Guns had clamped Gonzales in a figure-four leg lock and imprisoned him in a room with nothing but Ableton software, a crate full of dusty mariachi records and undisclosed stimulants, with the orders to make the soundtrack to watching 48 consecutive hours of lucha libre.

The boss of his own Exponential Records — San Antonio’s premier purveyors of “electronic music for humans” — Gonzales’ doppelganger comes to Los Angeles this Friday to play “Buena Suerte: A Benefit for No More Deaths (No Mas Muertes),” along with Alpha Pup-artist Take. In advance of the show, he spoke to Pop & Hiss about lucha libre, the creation of his alias and his favorite action film.”  More of the interview!