Feeding People – Island Universe

We are very proud to announce “Island Universe,” the first single by Feeding People.

Feeding People was founded and is headed by nineteen-year-old Jessie Jones, who channels the raw power of Jefferson Airplane’s Grace Slick and Janis Joplin at her most primal as she leads with strong, almost vicious vocals, bellowing blasphemies as if possessed by spirits with a masked sweetness reminiscent of Billie Holiday. Her siren call reeled in Chris Alfaro of Free the Robots who produced some of the band’s earliest recordings, all of which were written acoustic and recorded electric in a single sweaty take in a band members parents’ 6’x10′ walk-in closet with a 4-track recorder and mic stands made of broom handles taped to fire extinguishers.

Be on the lookout for an LP in early 2013, produced by Hanni El Khatib and Jonny Bell of the Crystal Antlers. Mixed and engineered by Bobby Harlow.