Freddie Gibbs


Hailing from Gary, Indiana, a place whose murder and crime rates have ranked it several times at the top of the “Most Dangerous Cities” list, Freddie Gibbs is the true definition of a street survivor. Raised on Gary’s east side, Gibbs lived the hard life firsthand in a run-down industrial community plagued with vice and ignored by the establishment. After playing at Ball State on a football scholarship, Gibbs was kicked out of college. Over the next few years he went through court-ordered boot camp, joined and got discharged from the military, and held down a series of 9 to 5 jobs without success. Feeling like the system had failed him, Gibbs turned to hustling; pimping and selling crack out of a local house. Inspired by rappers like UGK, The Geto Boys and 2Pac, Gibbs started rhyming about his life and the issues facing urban youth in Gary and the countless other impoverished cities just like it. Gangsta Gibbs is the first rapper signed to a major label from Gary.

Press Quotes:

“Freddie Gibbs is the one rapper I would put money on right now.” – The New Yorker

His is sleeves-rolled-up, steak and potatoes rap, speedily delivered and so lean and direct that he’s been able to make believers out of anyone hungry for a new American narrative” – The Fader

Guys like Freddie Gibbs are saving rap.” – Pitchfork