Lazer Sword Debut Album Out In November

Low Limit & Lando Kal, otherwise known as Lazer Sword, have long been mixing, remixing, noodling, tweaking and sneaking through noise structures, but have never before released a full-fledged effort.  Until now.  The forthcoming record is a 15 track album that includes vocal performances from Turf Talk, Zackey Force Funk, Myka Nyne and M. Sayyid.  The record will release on November 2.

No Mistakes Allowed

Announcing the new 12″ single by Machinedrum ft. Melo X.

Remixes by San Francisco’s LAZER SWORD and LA’s EDIT.

Art by Collin Palmer.

Out later this year.


The upcoming single, “Batman” features remixes by Nguzunguzu and Lando Kal.  The flip side “I”m Gone” features Bay-area, hyphy legend Turf Talk.  B-side has remixes by Rustie and Low Limit.

The single will be available in vinyl format and digital in October.

Art by Kilian Eng.

Mexicans With Guns in LA June 11

We got word that San Antonio resident, Ernest Gonzales is going to be in the City of Angels this weekend and performing a set on Friday June, 11th at Senor Fish in downtown LA.  Mexicans With Guns “Me Gusto” single is out in stores now and being played on BBC Radio One.

And our homie, Jeff Weiss, just released an interview at LA Times blog.  Read here:

“Like Ernest Worthing, the protagonist of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” Ernest Gonzales leads a double life. Most of the time, he goes by his given name, the identity of the introspective and sensitive soul behind last year’s “Been Meaning to Tell You.” Released on local label Friends of Friends, it was ideal after-the-high music, the soundtrack to the desolation and disorientation of sleeplessness and depleted serotonin.

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